Sunday, March 06, 2016

The camper came down the drive after a week at the top....

And, little did I know until we got it at the bottom of the drive, that someone had stolen the electrical system, the heat system and the kitchen table from out of the camper. I did not go with hubby and our friend to pick it up from where it was still parked at the former owner's. Someone opened the side door, and ripped off the 2 small outer doors and took what they wanted. I don't know if anything could have been done at that time and I'd not yet but insurance on it. Did not think I needed to. Too trusting I guess.
I had planned on keeping the electric in there so that Maggie's Shop could have lights.... Hubby was going to use the heat system in his garage. And why take the table? People can truly be mean idiots.

 See those two holes in the back, near the bottom?

 The flock wants to know what is happening.
The boys just want food....

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