Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The last of our 29 sheep were sheared today

 Christopher. Our Horned Dorset ram.
He is only 3 and his horns are already impressive.
I am thrilled that he is a gentle giant.

 Crispy and her polio afflicted lamb,
and Patience (lamb behind her) watching
Jerry shear their baby daddy.

 Cloud, the oldest sheep on the farm, 
a wethered Romney sheep.
He got a sheep coat to stay a bit warmer.
If he is still here next shearing,
then his fleece will be immaculate.
The mothers will get their coats back
after the lambs are weaned/shipped.

 I love having gates in the barn instead of permanent
walls. This 1/3 of the barn houses the boys at one end,
the grain room at the other end, and the ewes in the middle.

 Jeremy, our Dorset/Romney ram.

 Christopher comes back in to see where everyone is.
 Stormy Weather, our Romney ram.
His fleece weighed 6# heavily skirted.

 The skirting table with Stormy on the table,
and skirts in the bag and on the ground.

 Stormy. Unfortunately he has some hay in his fleece,
but I took the worst areas out. I am actually spinning
last year's fleece. The heavily hayed areas are getting
combed, while the rest went through the picker and the 
carder. The majority of the hay came out with the two
different processing. A LOT came out during washing!

6# heavily skirted. If I don't sell online, then it will be at
the NH Sheep & Wool Festival May 14th and 15th in
Deerfield, NH. $7/lb. $42 for the bag. Doesn't include S&H,
If interested in purchasing before festival, email us.

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