Thursday, March 17, 2016

New lambs shots, and some random sheep shots.

This is the lamb that was born presenting only her head.
She is almost as yellow as her sister, but not as much.
(See explanation below.)

  This is the lamb that was born backwards. 
I had to lighten the picture up quite a bit so that you 
could see her. This is due to the fact that it was a difficult
(backward) delivery and it passed its poop (meconium) 
while still in the amniotic sack. It will disappear as the 
lamb gets older and the fleece grows.
 Natalie's twins. I don't know why the black one looks 
like he is trying to hide.

 Erin. Despite all she's been through the past week
or so, and delivering twins upside down (thanks
to me) and difficult presentations, I'd say she looks
pretty darn good!!
 Dani looking out of her lamb jug.

 Jonna with her single. We thought she was going
to have twins. The lamb is laying in the corner heat
unit. Because it has been well over freezing during
this year's lambing, we've not had to turn on any
of the lights. I had to lighten these pictures up quite
a bit. It is time to replace my camera. When I have an
 extra $500 that is not going to something else...

 Erin and her girls.

And, now for some random sheep shots.

 Noggen, the alpaca, checking out the lamb.

 This summer's projects.
Replace the fencing in the winter pasture.
I have the cedar posts and the fence.
Just need the TIME!
And, remove the siding on the barn.
I have barn red paint for the body of the barn, 
and barn white paint for the trim. The trim is
in the house waiting to go on the barn.
 Nea, the 22+ year old llama, at the top of the 
hill surveying all of her charges.
She really LOVES the lambs!
And, our salt/mineral feeder in the foreground.
 Candace. Jerry's favorite Horned Dorset.
I don't think she is pregnant.
If she is, she would be one of the last to deliver
April 16th. I have 2 others that are not showing also.
 Cloud, our aged Romney wether and some of last
year's lambs. The other two of last year's lambs are below.

 Keira, our oldest Dorset/Romney. This may be her last
breeding. She would then take Maggie's place as 'Grammy sheep'.

 The little girl I am considering keeping.
I love the black and white one as well.
Too bad he is a boy....

Yes. There is a pipe running across the driveway.
I am taking advantage of the nice day and am washing some
fleeces. I don't run the lanolin water through my septic system.
 Instead it goes out the window, across the driveway, and on the
 grass. In 16 years of doing this, it has not harmed the grass.

 The farm house. Still under construction. As is the barn.
The nice thing about taking pictures of the farm, for me,
is I can see the 'little' things that need to be picked up and
relocated or thrown away. Hopefully by the time the grass 
comes in it will be all cleaned up and ready for its close ups
for the real estate market. Time to get a dumpster...

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