Monday, March 21, 2016

And then there were 25

 Just before 2 pm Jorja presented us with twins.
One ram and one ewe.

 Jerry walked in from work just as she dropped the 2nd one.
 Since the lambing jugs were overfull, we decided
 it was time to set a nursery up in the main stall.

 We set up an 8' gate across the end of the girls part
 of the barn. We then brought the lambs from the last
three moms down to that area. Moms dutifully followed.

 Jorja with one of two. The other is behind her.
 Ebony with Socks' little sister. 
The only difference between the two is Socks
has 4 white legs.

 Crispy and her little ram. I had to bottle feed him last
night and again today. She at least stands for me to 
milk her out. Had hubby pick up an emery board as 
his teeth were super sharp. It is no wonder she'd no
let him nurse. Now to get him hungry enough so he'll eat.

 3 lambing jugs set up.
 One of the 2 farm cats.
Jack Black

 And, the other. Callie Calico.

So, no nap for me. Hopefully I will sleep tonight. We still have 2 that are definitely going to 'pop' at any time. Wednesday would be good!

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