Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year to one and all!!

I have not been able to blog lately as I have been busy cleaning house, taking pictures, relabelling yarn , washing and retagging my knitted goods. I have done a little dyeing............go to the knitting page for that.

My latest pictures are on Flick'r-

We have had lots of snow here and I have been trying to help Jerry by doing a little plowing with the tractor and helping to get out neighbors truck up and running. The truck is nicer than the tractor because you can close doors and you have a windshield . It doesn't have much in the way of a floor though...............but, Jerry plans on fixing that in his spare time.

This morning was 6 below zero at 7 am. I did not let the sheep out until 10 am (incredibly late for me) when it finally warmed up to 1 below zero. They were all cuddled up together chewing their cud and as content as could be.

New Year's Day, we separated the bred sheep from the non-breeders. The older sheep knew where to go. This year's lambs wanted to go back in with their mother's and last year's lambs (hopefully bred) didn't want any part of it...........We feed 1/2 the grain to the bred mothers in the morning and the other 1/2 at night. We found last year that they had healthier lambs and easier births this way. Neither the mother nor the lamb got too big, but they were also at good weights. The mothers continued on this feeding regiment for almost a month after lambing and their body condition scored higher than in years past.

The pictures below are from New Year's Day around 3 in the afternoon. My girls love the snow!

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