Monday, January 07, 2008

Shearing has started!!

The indignitation of it all!! (o; Victoria is very pregnant. Our first possible due date is tomorrow, the 7th of January......
Nice crimp!! As you can see on this fleece, there is some dirt on the tips. Even with the coats it can not be helped as the sheep live outside... There is a little 'felting', but when the fleece is washed this disappears.

'Queen' Victoria gets sheared.

Queen Victoria, naked amongst her peers...

While Jerry shears, I sit on a bale of hay and knit. This is one of the sheep's grain pails that is housing my yarn, and then the hat when he needs me. This is some of our homegrown mill spun yarn that was left over.

John asks "What are you doing?"

Heifer wants to know 'What have I gotten myself in to?'

Her fleece is so dark and thick that it is hard to photograph.

The top 2 are with the flash.
This picture is without flash. You can see how white the white looks compared to her chocolate fleece.
Moose (Matilda)

One of the biggest 'babies' on our farm. She is another one with a dark and thick fleece.
Psycho Romney

Hay feeders on either side of the aisle way.
This shows how hay/debris might show up in a finished fleece.
Unless we decided to bring out the shop vac and suck up every little piece of hay and dirt, there might end up being some 'stuff' that will get picked up by a fleece.

Later in the week I will take all 18 fleeces and heavily skirt and shake them out and try to photograph them in the sunlight to offer for sale here on the blog.

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