Friday, January 25, 2008

Of wine & roses...

I dyed almost 4# of Romney roving yesterday. Here you can see where I dry the rovings in our basement. It is a PVC quilt frame with two long boards to support a sliding screen door. It is about 10 feet from the coal/wood stove, so it is dry in hours. Avalon wine is on the far right, and the 3 roses are Wood Rose, Wild Rose, and American Beauty. It amazes me how the different roving preps take the dye different. The ones I am calling Shades of... were prepped by Frankenmuth a few years ago, and someone else prepped the rest.
I am just having way too much fun. Today I get to reskein and tag everything...........=work...
What I see when I walk into my sewing room.

These are on my drying rod next to the wood stove (which isn't going right now). This is directly above the coal stove in the basement. The skeins start out downstairs until they are almost dry and then they come up to be reskeined.
The Garnet from yesterday, reskeined.

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