Monday, January 21, 2008

Why I love the country

We have been watching a commercial, I don't remember for what.., where the family drives out to the country to camp with others and are looking at the moon through a telescope. (I think it is a car commercial). But, any ways..............Here at our farm, we just need to walk out the door to see the moon and the stars. I tried to get a picture of the stars, but I was so cold that I could not get a clear picture. On my want list is a tripod for my camera. Then I can get some good stills....

An almost full moon and no clouds. It is freezing cold out here!
This is standing in my drive, between the house and the barn.Looking up the driveway at 5:30pm. Nice clear skies.
Looking back at the house. Jerry is inside, cooking dinner & watching the Giants beat the Packers.

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