Monday, January 07, 2008

We are having a heat wave!!

The weatherman is calling for temps up to the 50s by Wednesday and then dropping to the 20s on Thursday and snowing again. We are taking advantage of this by shearing 18 pregnant ewes in 4 days.
In the above 2 pictures, we started shearing at 10 am when Jerry got home from work and it was about 28 degrees. In the second picture, it is 11:06 am and the temperature has risen to 34 degrees. All the snow has now started to come off all the roofs with a vengence!!
Welcome to our January thaw. If you go back to this time last year in our blog, you will see that the girls were eating on the front lawn. We had no snow for so long and the grass was growing. Not this year. We broke almost all the snow records for December!!

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