Thursday, January 24, 2013

A COLD day on the farm

 Only a few chickens came out of their coop into the cold.
 We were told these girls are Reich's Golden Comets.
They look like Red Star Sex Links to me. With clipped beaks.
 Daddy Christopher checks on his son.
 The baby doesn't go far from the heat lamp.

 These girls could not be lured outside!

 Mom, I think I am hungry!

 Nope! I am cold!!

 Well, maybe I am hungry after all. Mom!!
 Christopher had to get his beak into the camera.

 Aren't I gorgeous?!
 Lizzie, one of the 2 boarders. She always has her head in the hay feeder.

 I think the ewe in the way back, who is actually laying down, will be one of the next 3.
 Olivia, a polled Dorset above left, and Candace, a Horned Dorset,
below are 2 out of 3 sporting the green Rocky Mountain sheep coats.
I am so happy with these coats. I will eventually order more.

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