Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Picture heavy with new babies

 One of our Romney ewes in labor.
In the picture below, the head and feet are just appearing.

 I missed the actual birth because we forgot to bring out towels.

 The proud papa and the original mamas and babies.
 Your daily smile!
Lizzie sticks her head in the hay feeder looking for humans and goodies,

 Checking for milk.
Later, the silly lamb was under mom when the afterbirth was discharged.
She is a Romney/Horned Dorset cross.
She might be replacing Mouse...
 Candace was in obvious labor, but her cervix was not opening quickly,
so we put her in the hallway and went in to start dinner.
A few minutes later we heard the unmistakeable sounds of new lambs.
She gave us twin ewe lambs. Both are registrable.
 The smaller of the two was not finding the udder fast enough for Jerry.
So, he is try to aim her at the nipple.
 Here he is telling me 'She is almost there!'
 Mouse and Kate have been moved to the other end of the barn.
 It is slightly a tight fit with very pregnant ewes in full fleece.
 The bigger ewe lamb is off to explore. She finds that Jerry is fun to climb on.

 Checking out her half sister.
This 3 lambs were born last night.
 7 am. Ruth presents us with a new registrable ram lamb.

 The first ram lambs exploring their new freedom.
And, the chickens presented us with 10 eggs.
Today is a good day!!

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