Thursday, January 31, 2013

More lambs and strange weather

As I post this, it is the last day of January, it is 51 degrees and it is POURING here at the farm. I took Jerry to work at 4:30, and the fog is so thick in places, it is like trying to drive through a black veil.

Yesterday morning we had a ram lamb born to a Horned Dorset, in the afternoon our first black ewe in a number of years, and last night a set of twins to a Horned Dorset.

Yes. That is me. After 4-5 hours delivering mail and coming home to a ewe in labor.
I was so thankful it was my husband day off when I got called in.
Life is good!
Keira, a Dorset/Romney, in hard labor.
Jerry is checking presentation.
By this time, she'd been in labor a long time and was having 
some problems. Jerry pulled a leg and eased out a BLACK ewe.

A BIG black ewe.
The only color on Keira's side of the family goes back at least
3 generations to the Barrett farm in Newport, NH.
Katie wants to help.

Katie's twins. I was holding the smaller of the two.

And then last night (late dinner time), Erin, another 1st timer, gives birth to twins.
She is pure bred Horned Dorset. Christopher is pure bred Horned Dorset.
Dave Kennard at Wellscroft Farm and Fence Co in Chesham, NH has black Dorset sheep.
We thought he was adding another breed in there for color. We were wrong!! 
So, Dave. I am publicly apologizing to you!!
Sorry for the blurred picture.
As you can see, I hope, the white is considerable smaller than the black.
We will be keeping the black.

Another good mom. 
Have I said it enough how I love my Dorset sheep!!!

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Linda said...

Oh, what beautiful babies!!! How satisfying that must be to be part of this beautiful process!

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