Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No place like home!

  I don't know what is living up the chicken coop, but I hope to get rid of it.

 Nope! We are NOT coming out!

Some hens are still losing feathers.
 I call her 'Sneezy' She doesn't cluck. She just makes sneezes sounds.
She has done this since she moved in with us this past summer.
 The former owner called them Reich's Red Comets.

 Gracie. Horned Dorset ewe.

 Heifer says Hi!

 Look!  Here comes Jack Black!
Let's check out the kitty!!

 Delores and Lizzie. The winter borders. Both are Border Leicester.

 Mini Me. Heifer's daughter.
 (Out of order)  Jack coming to see me!

Our mixed flock of Dorset, Romney and mixed breeds.

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