Sunday, January 27, 2013

Two new additions

Katie, a Horned Dorset ewe and Christopher, our Horned Dorset ram, gave us 2 new ram lambs last night. They can both be registered, if anyone is interested in starting their own Horned Dorset flock. Otherwise, they will be Easter lamb.

 We were not sure if the little one was going to make it. 
But, he is good and strong!
Kate is another first time mom.
She had her little ones by herself and cleaned them all of before we got out there.

 Maggie, my original Dorset/Romney, and Gracie, a Horned
Dorset ewe. They are both retired.

 Usually the girls are naked and you can see the bags better.
But, regardless, you can still see that we have girls getting close!
We plan to shear this upcoming week.

 With a sight like this, why would I ever give up the country and farming?

Mouse's little ram is trying to smell his father's butt.

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