Thursday, January 17, 2013

 Jerry had parked my van at the top of the driveway, and walked up this morning to go to work.
 Are you kidding?? We are not coming out, even for scratch!
 Where the van was parked. Little hen is at the far end.

 3 hens came all the way out of the barn. The Golden Comet to lay an egg in the sheep barn.
Little Hen and a Black Star came to the deck for water and bread scraps.
 A few brave souls ventured out for fresh water. 
They do have fresh water inside, but some prefer the bowls.
 Have you any hens that nest beak in? This is my broodiest Black Star.
She may very well be the one that hatched Little Hen and Little Roo.
I had her stand up to reveal 6 nicely lined up eggs.

 13 eggs in the morning and another 3 collected at noon.
 Can you see the egg hiding in the shavings? 
The Golden Comets lay them in one of 3 places on the floor of the coop.

 Earl Grey, Little Hen, and Jack Black.

People have been posting on their sites what they wear to the barn.
This time of the year it is either snow mobile boots, or like today, Jerry's rubber boots.
Wool or wool/alpaca socks, flannel PJ bottoms, Tshirt/turtleneck, sweater/sweatshirt, and 
another sweatshirt/jacket over that.
Inside it is Birkenstock sandals!

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