Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wet & wild weather

Rain, rain go away! We have some sheep to shear this day....Not today, nor tomorrow. Maybe the ewes that are locked in the lambing jug with their babies will dry enough in the next day or two. They take up so much less room in the barn when they are naked!

This is what we are looking at for a forecast with severe wind and the possibility of flooding. 

 On today's menu, between rain showers and the wind shaking everything, 
is Iceberg lettuce, cherry tomatoes and bananas.

 Erin with (it's official!!) her twin girls.
The black ewe, 100% Horned Dorset, will be known as Midnight.

The 3 original lambs
 I don't have the heart to take it away from them.
They are the only ones with a light on....
 Midnight and her tiny sister.
 As we set up jugs everywhere we can make a little room,
it gets a little more crowded in the barn.
Some will be getting moved today to the garage overhang 
where chickens were last year.

 This little girl shall be known as Ebony.
She is 1/2 Horned Dorset, 1/4 Polled Dorset, 1/4 Romney
Her 1/2 sister that we'll keep is 1/2 Horned Dorset, 1/2 Romney.
Since she is white, she shall be known as Ivory.

The wind is roaring through the river valley we live in, and the electric has blinked out once already.
So, I think I go do some things that don't require electricity. Just in case. TTFN!

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