Monday, January 28, 2013

Frozen eggs

I was asked what I do with eggs that have frozen in the nest boxes, or in today's case the egg fridge. In the past, I've always chucked them for the crows. Not today.

 Out of 2 dozen eggs from the egg fridge, I 'lost' 5.
The weatherman said the low for last night would be 9.
It was 3 when we left at 4:30...
 Cameras are strange. The top picture with the flash is the actual counter top color.
The bottom picture is the actual egg color.
 I wash the egg and then peel the shell away from the frozen egg.
They then go into Ziploc freezer bags and get popped into the freezer.
I now have a bag with 2 eggs and one with 4 eggs.
We will either make omelets with them, or use them for baking.
If I was to use them this morning, I would place the bag(s) in the fridge,
and allow them to thaw slowly.

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